Thursday, June 16, 2011

what you can do in internet?

               There can't be any list that I can really make out of this blog post containing what you can do. Unless you are  regular reader of our blog you are bored and have nothing you are finding that goes out of your boring circle. The last lines were actually to make you bored. I am bored too, if not who on Earth would like to write some lame post about what they can do. So here are some lame 'you knew it all' list I can think of, the art of wasting time--
               1. Shut down the computer, and think what internet surfing did to last hours or minute you used. Other than entertainment normally waste of time. so get out. And see that there is also another world where real people live in and don't say jk, nvm like the matrix world. And healthy-skinny what I actually mean. Did you really had to really read all of these to get the idea? ugh
                2. Create a social account somewhere and keep on poking people, be a internet bully and keep on typing jk, nvm, sry, gtg, lol as I mentioned before. Yeah you can waste many times on that. And you know there are always video sites lying around with every type of content today. Even if you don't like something you can see them to hate them. Or you can attempt to create your won content to get you busy for few days and give up --See kids there is a whole new wonderful world is around you you just squeeze it into one piece and throw it to garbage. 
                3. Everyone is unique, at least they think they are. You might try out something new or find something new and interesting and show it to your friends and waste time blah blahing (idk if that is a world either) about it. 
                 4. I really had to come to this...You can also make thousands of free blog and write stuff. just keep on writing to a great readers which has existence in imaginary world. 
             5. You can also always got nothing. If you can't get off the iphone or computer then find something important and really interesting and search it on. :) There you have it. 

                                            "Thanks for wasting your time here again"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Internet Browser

    The same old question back again. For internet browsing we like to use something easy and with various features. But the choice is surely different to everyone. Don't judge me I am wrong, I am just showing my opinion here. And I would be very pleased if you comment us down below about your favorite browser.

My rocker list:

Google Chrome:
                                        Simple and easy to use interface. It also includes thousands of apps just like iPhone. It includes most of the common plugin and update by itself. You can change theme and change setting using very simple step if you need to. It won't allow adding toolbar with it. This is excellent for normal everyday internet browsing. Based on open source browsers.
Download site:

                                      This has a very easy interface which were advanced from classic ways in new version. It supports adding toolbar. It has various different apps/plugins you can add with it. You can customize themes and settings with different settings and development kit. Open source browser.
Download site:

Internet Explorer:
                                      You probably have used internet explorer. It is easy to use. Supports toolbar. It started to get infamous before the new upgraded version came out. You can get use to these. It also have different customizing settings options and development kit.
Download site:

                                     This is also one of the easy to use interfaced browser, widely used by apple users but you can also use this in Windows. It has some cool tab changing effect. Simple options and cutomizational (<=is this a word?) settings. It is pretty similar as Internet explorer and Firefox.
Download site:

Remember this is just my opinion. If you want to know further information you can go to the review site And don't forget to comment your favorite ones below.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Linux is better

I wanted to write about some cool thing why Linux is better but there are even cooler post about this online. But before I show the website. You might wondering, what is this.... Linux?

Linux I am talking about here is OS. (although it has many different places it rocks) What is OS? Operating system. If you are using windows XP or Windows VIsta/7 you probably been using is Windows base operating system, or you might have use mac which is similar too. But to get those on your computer (OS) you needed money when you bought computer (you might not noticed because it was added with the main price already) Now there is a huge probability that you got virus, or get thousands of different probelm you faced with this paid OS. Now to save you there is Linux, all of the whole operating system is absolutely free forever. It will never get virus. There are thousands of operating system in Linux. Some of the popular once are Ubuntu, kubuntu, gnome etc. But wait there is more. You can even try it out without doing anything to your current OS. There are thousands of cool effect you can use with it. And most of the software there are are all free. And you can run 90% of software which are windows base run inside it. So what do you think about Linux OS?

So as I was saying about the website that explains why Linux is better. Here it is check this out at

Also check out some effect you can use in Ubuntu (a distro of linux)

Easiest and fastest share

      If you need to transfer something or share one of the great place you can so this by Sendoid. This is extremely easy and fast. You can just upload from your desktop and send it instantly.

So without farther blah blahing...

Go to and check this cool website out. 

<==sendoid website

You can also visit which is entirely tech blog. Don't worry if you see some exact copy of some of the blog here on that blog.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some blender render

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some blender render

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